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Mystery Seekers

Hello. I'm rushing right now. So, I'll just post the Episode 2 of Mystery Seekers. I hope you like it.

Jon’s adventure continues…

Mystery Seekers!
Episode 2
Training with the Professors!

(Jon’s mom went inside.)

Mom : Jon, how are you feeling today?

Jon : Oh, mom! I’m great! And Prof. Jeremy talked to me a while ago, and he said that I will be a camper?

Mom : Oh, that sounds good sweetie! And wait, I brought some fruits and your favorite grilled chicken!

Jon : Thanks mom!

(Jon eats the grilled chicken.)

Jon : Awesome! It tastes good. Very delicious!

Mom : Ok, Jon I have to go. Dad is there waiting for me.

Jon : Ok, mom. Bye!

Mom : Ok, bye!

(Dr. James went inside)

Dr. James : Hello, Mrs. McCourtney.

Mom : Oh, hi Dr. James!

Dr. James : Miss, your son will be sent at the campus later because of his training. Ok, that’s all Mrs. McCourtney. I’ll see your son later.

Mom : Ok.

(Dr. James got out of the room)

Mom : Ok, Jon. Good Luck on your training. I’m going to miss you!

Jon : Me too, mom. Ok, bye-bye.

Mom : Ok.

(Mom gets out of the room)

(Robot gets inside the room)

Robot : Hello, Jon. How do you feel today?

Jon : (With a confused face.) Huh? Who are you?

Robot : I’m a robot here in the hospital. I check patients if they are ok. So, how do you feel today?

Jon : I’m fine. Well, where’s Professor Jeremy anyway?

Robot : He’s waiting outside, I’ll call him.

Jon : Ok.

(Robot gets out of the room and talks to Prof. Jeremy.)


While talking to Prof. Jeremy :

Prof. Jeremy : So how’s Jon?

Robot : He’s fine.

Prof Jeremy : Ok.

Robot : And he wants to talk to you.

Prof. Jeremy : Ok. You can go now, Robot.

Robot : Ok, Professor.


Inside the room :

Prof. Jeremy : Hi Jon.

Jon : Hi.

Prof. Jeremy : Robot said you want to talk to me , right?
Jon : Yeah, that’s it.

Prof. Jeremy : Ok, what do you want to say……

(Dr. James went inside with a nurse)

Prof. Jeremy : Hey, Dr. James!

Dr. James : Hey, Professor Jeremy! Excuse for a minute, I’m going remove Jon’s dextrose.

Prof. Jeremy : Ok.
(Dr. James removed Jon’s dextrose. With a help of a nurse.)
Dr. James : Jon , are you ok?
Jon : Just…a little .... a pain.
Nurse : The pain will take a few weeks. But you will be fine.
Jon : O..k…
Dr. James : So, are you ready for training? Jon?
Jon : Yeah, I’m waiting for it.
Prof. Jeremy : So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go to the campus training!
Dr. James : Ok. Nurse Janna, you can go now.
Nurse Janna : Ok, Dr. James.
(Nurse Janna goes out of the room)
Dr. James : Let’s go now.
Prof. Jeremy & Jon : Ok. Let’s go now. Haha!
(Dr. James, Prof. Jeremy & Jon went to campus training.)
Jon : Ouch, my hand hurts.
Dr. James : Jon, don’t force yourself if you can’t really go to the training. Professor and I can change schedules, right Professor?
Prof. Jeremy : Yes, we can. So, Jon. Can you really go at the training?
Jon : Yeah, I can. But my hand hurts.
Dr. James : Wait, I have a medicine for that. I’m going to get it. Just wait.
Jon & Prof. Jeremy :Ok. (Dr. James went to medicine room and gets Jon’s medicine. Then, he goes back near campus door.
Dr. James : Hello, sorry for keeping you waiting. And I got your medicine.
I’ll put it to your hand now. What hand, left or right?
Jon : Left. Dr. James : Ok, I’m going to put it. (Dr. James puts the medicine in Jon’s left hand.)
Jon : Aww! Well, ne..vermind. I’ll just go to the training. Ouch.
(Goes in the Campus.)
Jon : Wow! It’s cool! Hey , what’s that? Is it gold?!?!? Prof. Jeremy, I like one!
Prof. Jeremy : Well, the gold will be used at the training. It’s real gold. I almost forgot, this will your phone. You can call me anytime. Because it’s training, I will teach you how to use that phone. You will see it at the big screen so watch it.
Dr. James : Ok, it’s filming now!
(Jon watches the film.)
Boy (At the commercial) : This is the new Camper Phone! It’s handy! You can talk to your leader or boss at you camper section of what will you do. Like , this; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leader : Check Mt. Mineral Cave. Camper : Sir, yes sir! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boy : How to use your C- Phone! At the top of your C- Phone you can see a yellow button and if you press it, you will turn on or off your phone! And , if you press the red button at your left side. It shows on your screen that ; PLEASE TYPE THE TOOL YOU WANT. Example, hammer. A hammer will go out of the TOOLS OUT. And, how to call someone! Just press the CALL BUTTON. And type in the number you want to call. Then, that’s it! (The TV went blank.) ---------------------------------Prof. Jeremy : Did you understand how to use it? Huh!?!?! Why did you messed up here?
Jon : I’m just trying to test it. It’s so cool! I can play PSP just typing it! So cool!
Prof. Jeremy : Yes, it’s cool. AND PICK UP THOSE WRAPPERS HERE!! Jon : Sorry, but don’t worry. I’ll fix this mess. Prof. Jeremy : Hay, just clean up the mess FAST! Dr. James : Yeah, clean it. And did you know that there’s a sign there, it says : NO LITTERING. So , please clean it. Jon : Ok. (After 5 minutes.) Jon : It’s cleaned up! So, can we undergo training now? Prof. Jeremy : Yeah! Dr. James, put the gold down. Dr. James : Sir, yes sir! (The gold goes down with mud.) Prof. Jeremy : Always remember, Jon. That a camper thinks quickly and he doesn’t need help. So there’s a timer, it shows 30 minutes. Your timer starts now! Jon : I’ll use a truck that can get some mud. Now there’s a truck, I’m using it. (Uses the truck.) Jon : Yes! I saw the gold. Let me use this Gold Keeper 3000! (Uses the Gold Keeper 3000.) Prof. Jeremy : Wow, a record! 25 minutes! You are a record breaker! You have beaten my record 20 minutes!Dr. James : This kid will have a good future. Prof. Jeremy : Yeah. And here’s a badge for you and the trophy will be later. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Narrator : Now that Jon has passed the training. His goal in his life is getting more closer. So, stay tuned! MYSTERY SEEKERS – EPISODE 2 ORIGINAL CREATER : CADKEISH

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