Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mystery Seekers!

Hello! I'm back at posting. And, I have a new story. It's called Mystery Seekers. It has episodes so stay tuned for Jon's adventure.
P. S.
There's something new in my blog, it's called whats on my playlist. That's all, let's go and seek Jon's adventure! (Not real.)
Mystery Seekers!
First Episode!
Meeting Mystery Seeker Jon!

Jon : Oh, a sunny day! A great day for camping. Hmm, let me pack my bags and some food and I’m going to the cave. Should I bring my diary? Maybe, yes? Oh, I’ll just bring it. (Jon looked up to see his clock) Oh, yeah. It’s breakfast! But I can’t get out while it’s morning. Maybe , there’s something useful here…. Oh yeah, dad gave me this ladder. I’m gonna wear indoors then, I’ll go up and wear my camper suit!! Yeah, good plans!

(Jon goes downstairs)

Mom : Oh, Jon! You didn’t woke up early. You missed Ray’s contest this morning. But your brother Ray won a while ago.

Jon : What are you talking about? I didn’t know that there’s a contest. And mom,
why didn’t you woke me up?

Mom : I’m just following rules, sweety. And here’s breakfast, the chicken a while ago.

Jon : What!?!?!?!?! My favorite food is chicken! Why didn’t you woke me up? IT’S OK FOR ME TO WAKE EARLY JUST TO EAT CHICKEN!! (Cries with a wide open mouth.)

Mom : Jon, that chicken were only fried chicken not grilled.

Jon : Oh… Sorry. (With an embarrassing face.)

(Jon ate his breakfast.)

Jon : Mom, I going to go up first. I’m going to watch DVD’s. So catch ya later, mom!

Mom : Ok, just call me if you want some popcorn.

Jon : Ok!

(Jon goes upstairs and wears his camper suit and pack up his bags and he brings his diary and phone. And he holds his map)

Jon : Haha.. I can escape mom!!

(Jon uses his ladder and he went down with his bags)
(Jon walked the streets)

Jon : Hmm.. Where’s Mt. Mineral Cave? Let me ask them.

(Jon saw Alfred walking the streets.)

Jon : Hey, Alfred!

Alfred : Hey, Jon! You’re not available at Mondays right? Why are you outside?

Jon : Shh! I just escaped a while ago.

Alfred : Ohh..

Jon : By the way, I like to ask you. Where’s Mt. Mineral Cave?

Alfred : Ohh, go forward!

Jon : Thanks.

Alfred : Ok. Your welcome! Have a safe trip!

Jon : Ok!

( Jon went in the Mt. Mineral cave and then he found some mysterious fossil)

Jon : A fossil!! Well I have a shovel, I’ll dig it up!

(He digs the fossil and then he heard a sound.)

Jon : Huh? What sound is that? Who are you?

(He used his phone to call his mom)

Mom: It’s Jon number, isn’t he upstairs? Well , I’ll just go answer the call.

On the phone :

Mom : Hello, Jonny boy! How’s your DVD? Wait I’ll go up and talk to you.

Jon : No, mom! I’m on a cave, help me! Something’s strange here! I’m on Mt. Mineral Cave!! Help me!

While in the cave :

There were a snake but there’s still sound he didn’t knew what’s the sound. But he didn’t mind it because there were a snake. Then the snake bit him and he fell down on the ground.

On the phone :

Mom : Hello?? Jon?? Are you ok?? Hello??

Mom rushed and went to Mt. Mineral Cave. She saw Jon and she went out of the cave.

Mom : There’s no hospital here, oh the research lab. It has a small hospital.

While in the hospital :

Mom : Is Jon ok? Please heal him. I’ll pay even though it’s so expensive. So please heal him, please doctor.

Dr. James : Yes, I’ll recover him as soon as possible. Please wait up there.

Mom : Ok.

Dr. James : Clear!

(Nurses cleared Jon)

Dr. James : Clear!

(Nurses cleared Jon)

Dr. James : Ok. Let’s see what happened to him.

(Dr. James saw there were venom, then he talked to Jon’s mom.)

Dr. James : Who is Mrs. McCourtney?

Mom : I’m Mrs. McCourtney.

Dr. James : Mrs. McCourtney, your son will be here in a few weeks. He is ok. I think a snake bit him because I saw his results and his positive to venom so I think a snake bit him. Sorry Mrs. McCourtney, I have to go.

Mom : Ok.

Mom goes home.

(After 5 weeks)

Dr. James : Jon, how are you feeling today?

Jon : I’m fine. Where’s mom?

Dr. James : She’s at home right now. Oh, wait Prof. Jeremy is here.
Prof. Jeremy : Hi Jon. I’ve been searching for mystery, have you saw something mysterious?

Jon : Yeah, a fossil near the gate. And a weird sound.

Prof. Jeremy : Really? What’s the shape?

Jon : Looks like a dinosaur.

Prof. Jeremy : Hmm. Do you want to be a camper?

Jon : Yeah! If I can?

Prof. Jeremy : Yes, I can send a letter to our boss.

Jon : Thanks Professor!

Prof. Jeremy : Don’t call me Professor, just call me Jeremy.

Jon : Ok.

Prof. Jeremy : Ok. I gotta go. See you later!

Jon : Ok, see you later!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Narrator : Now that Jon is a camper, he can finally let his dreams come true. And his main goal is to be the best Camper in the whole World! So, stay tuned on Jon’s adventure.

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