Thursday, March 19, 2009

Something's wrong.....?

Hi Cadkeish here!Whats happening to my blog???I just put -God Bless!Remember,live happy,love God,help others.once.Whats happening?Is there some bugs in blogger???(Well, it's done.I cannot change it.I forgot to press the preview button.Well, that's ok.)

-God Bless!Remember,live happy,love God,help others.
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Study days over!(also teaching days!)

Hi! It's summer now!Study days are over.Also teachers.They are done teaching their students.Well examination days are over.Our farewell party is my classmate's b-day.And a free popcorn from my another classmate.Actually, our farewell party is so fun.Another round of study days on June 9!It means, SEE YOU ON JUNE 9 TEACHERS!

-God Bless! Remember,live happy,love God,help others.
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-God Bless!Remember,live happy,love God,help others.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What did I do this afternoon?

Well, it's summer.Me,my sister and my cousin drew and painted our drawings.Mine was worst.But my cousin's work is so cool.Then after that, I helped my mom watered the plants.Then I saw Sir Joseph or my teacher riding in his bike.After that, I talked to my mom.Then, I turned on the computer and post this blog.These are the activities that I remembered.Maybe I didn't post all my activities this afternoon.But that's ok.Well, thats all for know.Thanks for reading this blog.I really appreciate it.Bye!

-God Bless!Remember, live happy,love God,help others.
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Misspelled Words.

Hi Guys.Cadkeish here.Our topic today is about MISSPELLED WORDS.Sometimes we have misspelled word.Like me.In the Heal the World Topic?I said COMMMON.And that is a misspelled word.Here are tips in Misspelled words:

Tips in Misspelled Spellings:

1)Try to preview your blog if your done.
2)Try to memorize the letters of the keyboard, so even though your not looking,you know where is it.
3)Try to read your blog again.(Because maybe you know that the spellings are right.But then you see it.You saw a misspelled spelling.)

Ok! That's all for now!Bye:)

-God Bless! Remember, live happy,love God,help others.
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Chris Tiu craze.

Many girls like Chris Tiu.Because he is a studious man,a handsome man like that.Many girls are in love with Chris Tiu.And that is a fact.Chris Tiu is a basketball hearthrob.But sadly,he has a girlfriend.Well still, even though Chris Tiu has a girlfriend,many are still in love in Chris Tiu.And that is the Chris Tiu Craze.That's all!

-God Bless!Remember,live happy,love god,help others.
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Wanna visit Chris Tiu's site?(even though many know this.)Just go in this site:

Summertime! 2 (again?)

Hi Cadkeish here.It's summer.Many of us are happy because it's summer.Well, I'll miss my teachers so much.Also my classmates. (owwsss??)Well, how about you?What will you do in summer?If your gonna ask me.....I don't know yet.:)

-God Bless.Remember,live happy,love God,help others.
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Summertime!(at last.):)

Hi Cadkeish here.Last day tomorrow.I'll miss my classmates.Especially, my bestfriends.Also teachers.Sadly, schools are over.It's summertime!Many will have a brown skin.(well it's in because it's summer...)I wonder what I will do in summer?Maybe inventing or drawing?

-God Bless!Remember,live happy,love god,help others.
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Done studying!And about the Science Exam.

Hi! Cadkeish here.I'm done studying Math.And I'm glad that I finished it early.The Science test was a little bit hard.But I'm glad (again.) I finished it on time.I was so happy!

-God Bless! Remember,live happy,love god,help others.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Heal the world!

Greetings Everyone!

Let's try to heal the world! It's our home and we need to protect it.If we don't protect it, the Global Warming will continue.Here are the commmon tips to save the Mother Earth.

Tips to save the Mother Earth :

1)Throw your garbage in the garbage can, properly.
2)DO NOT burn your garbage.Because, it pollutes the air.
3)Clean your surroundings.
4)For smokers.No smoking.It is bad for the health also
for the Earth.
-God Bless! Remember , live happy , love god , help others.
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Yes! It worked!

Yes! It worked! I thought it won't work. Thank goodness! It really work:)Marquee work!(marquee is not a name.)

-God Bless! Remember,live happy,love god,help others.

Examinations.......nearly over:)

Well, tomorrow is our last exam.Our exam tomorrow is Math.Well I hope it will be easy:)
Because, Math is a little hard.So I need to study hard.I hope it will be perfect:)

-God Bless! Remeber, live happy,love god,help others.

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Knowledge Time!

Hi.I wanna share my search to you.Hope you like it:).

Did you know?
The world's fastest animal is a bird.
It's a falcon.It's name is Peregine Falcon.
It can fly 200 miles per hour during
vertical drives.

Did you know?
The world's slowest animal is a
Bradypustridactylus or a
three-toed sloth.
It moves around
3 meters (10 feet) per minute on theground,
going till 4.5 m (15 feet) per minute on trees.

Class of 2008 - 2009

It was really fun in our class.It was a great experience with my classmates.But the classes are nearly over.It was fun.Really, really fun!Especially, having good times with my classmates.Also jamming with them.It was a nice class.I hope it will be more fun in Gr.3.It was a happy experience.

-God Bless! Remember, live happy,love god,help others.


About My Blogger.

I named my blog as live others.

1)Live happy.

Even though you have diffculties in life.Try to live happy.
Because many people say "Life is short". So live happy.

2)Love God.

Love God. Because God gave these things to us.And we must thank
God for these blessings.

3)Help others.

We must help others! Because sometimes we can do these things and others cant.
And God will be pleased if we help others in a good way.

That's all! Remember live happy, love god, and help others.

God Bless!

Introuducing....My blog.

This is my new blog.
Hope you like it.
Have fun!