Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Classes done!

Hello everybody. I just went back here at my house a while ago. And the lessons are quite easy and a little hard. Well , a minute left before we go home then we play games. I don't know the name of the game but nevermind it. The mechanics of the game is so easy:

1. There will be 3 groups.
2. The 1 group will be the ducks.(Or you can change the orders. Thats how we play it.)
3. The 2 group will be the cows? I just think.
4. The 3 group will be the pigs. I'm not sure about that.
5. Then a there will be one representative in each group. The representative will wear a blindfold.
6. The other groupmates will shout. Such as, quack-quack, mooo, and oink-oink.
7. The representative of groups 1 to 3 will go where group he/she belongs to. The first one to go to his or her group gets one point.

Then, while playing I was screaming quack-quack! I felt like my tonsils are gone. Well, we lost but it's ok. At least I have fun! Well that's my blog today, see ya!

Classes done!

-God Bless! Remember, live happy,love god , help others.

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