Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm sorry! I can't post this time. Gotta play basketball. Sorry!

Struggled Password

Ok, I'm back. I have classes a while ago and summer is over here.(Class started 2 months ago. It started on June 15.) Well, a while ago I was struggling because of my password and then I remembered. (Phew!) I put my password in Facebook (I always use my Facebook these days because of Pet Society!) then I said to my self, "Oh! I thought it was Facebook, but it's Blogger!". I was so crazy and asking myself, "What's my password again?". I said it aloud beside my eldest sister. And yeah, I remembered my password! My brain goes party! No, just kidding! Ok, I'm going to sign out my Blogger and use Facebook to play Pet Society and make my pet Lvl. 27! Bye! God Bless!

-God Bless! Remember to live happy, love God, help others. Thank you for reading my blog and please follow my blog! Thank you again!

Actually, not signing out yet because, I'm going to post another one and the topic is about Cory Aquino. The woman of democracy.