Friday, April 24, 2009


Hello. I've been making one story today and I finished it. The title is "Bella's Mysterious Disappearance". This story is not real. Because maybe someone has a Sims 2 then he or she could belive it. Well I'll show you one of my story that I made.

Bella’s Mysterious Disappearance


Don Lothario
Mortimer Goth
Cassandra Goth
Olive Specter
Bella Bachelor – Goth

The Story Begins!

In a city called SimCity, there is one subdivision named Pleasantview. And there are many people asking Mortimer where Bella went. But Mortimer does not either know where Bella went. Then Don went to the Goth’s house. He said the Bella has been abducted by aliens. Mortimer was shocked and also surprised. Mortimer asked Don when Bella did went to his house and Don said “I was going to sleep then the doorbell was so noisy I asked myself who can go here in this time. And I was also shocked that Bella would go here that time. I know it was around 3:00 am.” Mortimer and Cassandra went to Don’s house. And Cassandra is looking in the telescope and witnessing the abduction. Don said to Mortimer that he will be going to Strangetown maybe he can see Bella there. Don went to Cassandra and said that he will go to Strangetown. Now Don rode in a taxi so he can go to his destination. After a few hours, Don has now arrived at the Strangetown. He went around the Strangetown to inspect. He noticed one crashed UFO. He went inside and saw many aliens and he saw Bella’s necklace. Then he went inside the UFO and he saw Bella’s body. He rushed into the hospital then the doctor said that Bella is dead. Now he is finding one house so he will place the body there. Then he saw Olive Specter and he said “Can I put the body of Bella in your house? And please do not say this to Mortimer. He will be depressed and I don’t want him to be sad. Can I also sleep here for one week?” Olive Specter said yes to Don. Then Mortimer was worrying because they don’t know what’s happening to Don. Mortimer decided that he’ll be going to Strangetown for any news about Bella. Now he rode in a taxi and a few hours he is now in Strangetown. He also walked around the Strangetown to see where Don went. Then Mortimer stopped in Olive’s house. He noticed the voice of Don. Then Don saw Mortimer. He went to the room of Olive and he said “Olive, sorry I need to go. Mortimer is here.” Olive went out of the house and saw Mortimer. Olive Specter let Mortimer in. Mortimer asked Oliver if Don went here. Oliver nervously said “No.”. Then Don sneaked out of the house but Mortimer saw Don. Then Mortimer said “STOP RIGHT THERE DON!”. Mortimer ran so he could catch Don. Then Mortimer touched his shirt then Don stopped. Mortimer asked Don “ Where are you going? And why are you running at me?”. Don said “ Because I don’t want to say that Bella is dead!” Mortimer cried. Don was saying stop. Then Mortimer asked Don where did he kept the body of Bella. Don went to the grave of Bella and he said “I will bring the body of Bella so even though she is dead.”. Don and Mortimer went back to Pleasantview and Cassandra said “ What happened?” “I’m sorry to say this, daughter. Because your mom is dead.”. Mortimer said. After Mortimer said that, Cassandra cried and cried. Also Don and Mortimer cried. Then Mortimer said “ Bella is now gone. But in my heart, she will be always there.”. After months, they still remember Bella in their hearts.”


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Hello, this is Cadkeish. I'm sorry I didn't post for weeks or maybe one month or two months. Well, let's go back to the topic. This is my new picture. It's my Chobot Picture. Maybe you don't know Chobots. Chobots is a social game. You can meet new friends in Chobots. Well, for now I have 2 accounts which is my name is Cadkeish also. If you like to visit my new blog, (It's all about Chobots.) CLICK HERE.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Climate Change

Hello guys!Do you feel cold?Because I feel cold. But it's summer right? It must be hot right? It's because of the CLIMATE CHANGE. Also because of Global warming. And our Earth is getting worst.Our earth is in mortal damage. We must heal the world as soon as possible.Please use my tips in the HEAL THE WORLD TOPIC.It can also help.Guys, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU! Let's help our world and make it nice, beatiful, peaceful, and safe.

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The world needs you!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Sims 2

Hello everyone! For weeks (or maybe I haven't post for a month) I haven't posted anything. Well, my mom found our lost game called "The Sims 2" or Sims 2. Actually , we searched some cheats. For those who have Sims 2 that does not know any cheat, I'm giving you some cheats!(do not add the +)

to open cheat box
ctrl+shift+c (I'm not sure if it's c or z)

money cheat

boolprop cheat
boolprop testingcheatsenabled true

Ok, that's all I know byebye!

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